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KAP Office Assistance

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+43(0)664 3634846
Chaos News - Get your money back!

Do you have the money of your tax declaration already on your account?

Enforcement is possible for example

  • child allowance

  • childcare costs

  • increased mainenance allowance

  • donations to charitable organizations and

  • church contributions up to 200 €

I T   I S   Y O U R   M O N E Y ! !

With FinanzOnline your credit is immediately apparent! The Finanz-Online-Access shorten the proceedings considerably and you have your money much faster on your account...

The registration is very simple - in addition to your personal data only a proof of identity (driver's license or passport number) is necessary! Of course I can take care of your registration free of charge!

After sucessfull registration, your access data will be delivered by mail .... with these log-in data it is easy to fill in ONLINE your personal data for the tax allowance (retroactivelty for 5 year) and

you do not belong to those anymore,

who give away their money!

Give me a call or send me an eMail!

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